50km RACE DAY INSTRUCTIONS (10th Feb 2024)
Race start time: 10:00am sharp.

Number pick up: Number pick up is in the Tent from 8:15. The tent will be in the usual plac. If you don't know where the tent is you will more than likely know where it is after Saturday. It is usually white and quite large. Please just pick up your number and fook off outta the tent. Do not start chatting to the Registration team or any body else about how ur training was or any injuries you have. They more than likely do no give a fook
Tee shirt pick up is also in the big Tent. You can't miss it, it's the same place as the number pick up. This tent is not a fooking changing room to try on all tee sizes, u get what you ordered. If u ordered a Medium, that's what you are getting, if u want to change it wait until after the race to see if there is any left (there wont be), obviously don't wear the fooking thing if u intend on changing it.
There will be some Limited one off Tees 👕 Hoodies 🧥and Bobble Hats 👒 available, so if u don't have Revolut bring some Cash.
The barrier will be up from 8:10am until 9:15am, after that you are paying a fiver in. Don't be that guy that is late and is holding everyone up…. ENTER THROUGH THE MAIN DONADEA ENTRANCE not the other one, and go to the carpark. Follow Andrew Meehan's directions and park where the fook he tells you to park and go directly to number / tee pick up in the tent,the tent will be in the usual place.
Be Fookin Early

The course:The course is not 10 laps this year. Its 14 ..1 lap of 1.058km and 13 laps of 3.764km .. The course wont be marked with km markers as there wud be fookin millions of them. There will be a 1km to finish line marker at approx 1km from the finish line .
BE aware there is going to be be 300 of you who will be lapped multiple times. Do not gather into groups holding hands, chatting and eating Monster Munch. Remember this is a race not a fookin fun run. There will be four marshalls on bikes in front of the Male and Female race leaders, if u hear his whistle or his bell or a shout to get the fook outta his way, move to the right so the faster runners can move by on your left or they will knock u down or kick you. You don’t want to be a Jogger that injures the Runner. Dont wear fookin earfones.

Start lineWe will be starting 1km and 58 metres away from the finish line. Unfortunatly you have to walk there. We will be leaving at 9:45am sharp to walk there, thats at 15min km pace. If you can't walk a km in 15mins you will probably have to leave prior to 9:45am or alternatively u may have to jog there and as usual we will be finishing at the front of the cafe, where u won't be wearing earphones

Race BriefingRace briefing will be at the start line.

The 5hr cut off: Everyone who has entered knows there is a 5hr cut off. There is a 5hr pacer/sweeper running at 9:38minutes per mile or 6 minutes per km, his and her job is to get you to 40km in 4hrs. FOR anyone MORE THAN 30 minutes behind at this point, you have no fooking chance of finishing under 5hrs, and will be mocked mercilessly. If you have compression gear on we will double the abuse, if you arrive wearing a Dryrobe, leave it in your car please, they are a stain on on the running community, these are worse than Ironman tattoos. Anyone finishing after 5hrs will be on the results with an asterix, this is an asterix *. The last person i see on the finishing straight at 5:00:00 gets to turn off the clock. There is pacers . They are only officially pacing u for 40kms, they may stay on pacing until the end or fook off for pints and watch the match. Its a forest, so garmins don't read correctly so don't be questioning pacers a million times on the pace or distance( apart from 1 of them).
4 hr pacers x 2 (Northsider on probation )
4:15 pacer x 1 (Baldy fooker that was injured last year )
4:30 pacer x 1 (He is his own man)
4:45 pacers x2( 2 celebrity legends)
4:59:59 pacers x 2 (2 proper men)

First aid: Saint John's Ambulance will be in attendance for the duration of the race(5hrs) and they will not be wearing earphones.

Food/water stations: There will be a water station 300 metres before the finishline. It will have coke, water and loads of jellies. As u pass the water station pick up ur drink, drink it and throw the empty cup in the Bins provided for the next 300 metres. Throw ur gels or other rubbish in these bins. There will be tables provided for you to put any drinks or food that you bring for yourself. These are situated after the finish line. Please remember it is not a fookin Teddy bears picnic, don't bring tonnes of grub and take up half a table, noone has died of Starvation or Dehydration in Donadea yet. Bring all of your belongings away from the table when you are finished. We do not offer a lost and found service, so please do not message me asking if i found a blue or pink Columbia jacket... Anything left on the table after 5+ hrs goes into a bin or if its decent into my running clothes drawer. No Earphones….

Timing: Live Lap timing and Estimated finishing times (for your fans watching from afar) will be provided by popupraces with Brian Conroy doing all the hard work. Wear your number on the front of you clearly visable, not underneath your coat or wrapped up in a ball in your pocket. Please don't stop at the timing desk and ask Me or Brian what lap you are on. If you are unsure look at your fookin watch. If that dosen't work ask someone to find out for you and continue on with your lap, if you have done an extra lap, you should of checked earlier. We will try and call out when you are on your last lap.

Sounds: @TheRaceMc will be providing the Famous Donadea 50k soundtrack. Rocky music will more than likely be playing as u Start, finish and more than likely the entire 5 hrs. There will also be a Dance floor beside the finish line and Slow sets will defo be on. Please do not talk to this man. He is always angry, unless u are wearing a bobble hat with gingerbread run on it.

Fotos The famous Donadea Reverse Finish line Fotos will be provided by Sweaty Snaps, our in house professional Photographer. We do not charge for these fotos, we do expect a photo credit when u post it on Facebook or Insta. More Photos will be also on the @popupraces FB page.

Directions: From Dublin take (N4) leave the motor way at junction 8(kilcock), head towards Clane (R407). At approximately 6km, turn right at Baltreacy cross and drive through minor crossroads, continue to next junction (stop sign), turn right and the forest entrance is circa 1km on the left hand side.
From the west (M4), get off at junction 8 (Kilcock) 1st exit after toll, and follow directions above.
From the south (M7), take the Naas exit, junction 9. Drive towards Sallins, Clane and follow signs for Kilcock. Entering Clane Main Street, turn left at Topaz garage and drive 6+km, up to Baltreacy cross, turning left and following directions above.
Please familiarise yourself with the route to Donadea forest park as I won't be taking phone calls looking for directions. The race will start on time.
Recap: -as we aren't Durty Fookers, there will be bins at the start/finish area and with any Marshalls on duty. Please do not litter the course and please use the bins for any gels, bottles or wrappers that you may use on the course. Do not leave any gels, bottles, any foodstuffs of any kind at the km markers or directional signs. Anyone littering will be disqualified and asked to leave the course as per the environment policy. Please don't be that Dickhead that throws your rubbish on the ground and expect someone else else to pick it up, again a directional sign or km marker is not a Bin.

Environment: The race is run on the Leave no Trace principal. If anyone is unsure of what this is, google leave no trace and details will pop up for u...

Toilets: There will be 10 portaloos on the course at the start finish area. Use them. And Flush them.
There are NO facilities for showering in the forest park, unless you fancy skinny dippin in the lake, so bring warm dry clothes to get into after the race. There is no post-race refreshments available, please bring something to eat post-race. There is a cafe in the forest for tea's and coffee.

MASSAGE: There will be Hot and Hairy Ironman guy providing massage during and post-race provided by Kildaresportsmassage Ksm. His name is Bendy, please do not ask for a happy ending or overstay ur welcome on his table.

Medals: Good fookin jaysus .... ur gettin a fookin daycent one this year as u finish with a can of Coke.

Presentation of winners trophies will take place 15 minutes after 3rd place gets sorted.
Prizes are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st o40, o50, o60 and the UnofficialOficial Kildare 50km championship M/F Winners.

To Summarise:
#1.Turn up and run 14 and Fook Off Home
#2. Dont be a Dickhead
#3 Dont litter